Areola Restoration/Re-pigmentation

Areolas and nipple can be created or restored for breast cancer patients who have undergone a mastectomy. Very realistic areolas can be created.

Surrounding scars from surgery can also be camouflaged after breast augmentation (reduction, lift or implants) and missing or ill shaped nipples can be reformed or created. 

There is little or no down time and after care instructions are given the day of the procedure.

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Eyebrows & Microblading

Loss of eyebrows or ill-shaped brows can make you look aged or drawn out. Permanent eyebrows look more natural than pencil and can give back youth and add definition to the face. Hair simulation can mimic the appearance of real brows. This is especially effective for alopecia sufferers. You can swim, play tennis, and wake up without having to re-do your eyebrows. Brows will be cleaned and penciled to the desired shape before the procedure. Our pigments are mercury free!

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Permanent eyeliner can bring out a more beautiful, defined eye by opening or lifting the eyes. You can go with a bold, defined line; a thin line; or even a smudged look. Ophthalmologists recommend permanent eyeliner to their patients who are allergic to conventional makeup. Say goodbye to runny eyeliner! Our pigments are mercury free!

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As one ages, there is loss of color and definition in the lips. Or you might think your lips are too small. With permanent lip liner, lips can be redefined, made slightly larger, and with a more attractive shape. Your lipstick will not bleed anymore. You can swim, play tennis, and wake up with the custom blend of color that is right for you. Fill in your lips with full lip color highlighting a more solid natural appearance. Soft pink gives you the soft child-like color for something less noticeable but still adds more color and definition. For men, this application can camouflage scars or give more color back.

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Scar Camouflage

Unwanted scars can be camouflaged by filling in the area with a close flesh color to the surrounding skin, which will diminish the appearance of scars. This takes a few sessions and is not good for keyloided or raised scars. (i.e. face lift scar, skin graft from skin cancer, Vitiligo etc).

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Achieve an enhanced look by shadowing with dots or mimicking eyelashes by implanting soft pigment in between the bed of lashes. The pigment is virtually undetectable. Eyelash enhancement makes lashes appear thicker and fuller. This procedure takes minutes after a short preparation time.

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Scalp Micro Pigmentation

Scalp Micro Pigmentation is a series of tiny dots that are tattooed onto the scalp in between the hairs. This treatment is used to cover up areas of the scalp that are easily seen due to thinning hair, scarring, or hair transplants.

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